A limited series collection of NFTs that captures actress Katie Cassidy embracing the art of self-love with the intention of empowering women and inspiring them to love themselves.


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The Why!

Shot during Women’s History Month by celebrity photographers Drew and Derek Riker, Cassidy utilizes a Love is Art cotton canvas along with black and white paint on her body to showcase her desire for women to appreciate, advocate and celebrate themselves.

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In this NFT, Katie Cassidy makes love to herself and lets the camera observe. Covered in paint and surrounded by her collection of crystals, Cassidy’s quest to empower women is conveyed in this confident yet daring photograph.

This image is accompanied by the original signed physical canvas used in the photo. The canvas has been professionally stretched and can be framed by the purchaser. The canvas will be sent to the original buyer. Any secondary market purchases will not include the physical canvas.

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This NFT will be unveiled as part of the inftspaces (pronounces “infinite spaces”) event November 11th, in DTLA. Go to the website to reserve your ticket, either in person or in the metaverse.

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For Katie Cassidy, the blank canvas proved captivating both as an exercise to practice self-love as well as an opportunity to create art in a new dimension while encouraging women to love themselves.

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In a nod to the April 6th, 2016 death of her character Laurel Lance of Arrow, Katie Cassidy channels a spirited afterlife with this animated illustration revealing birds flying free from her core.

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